Saturday, 9 June 2012

We're All Winners!

Well, well, well, we hope you all enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations and particularly your long weekend! We hope the weather didn't dampen your spirirts too much and that you all had time to enjoy the spectacle.
In a bid to continue the community spirit and friendships we saw highlighted over the weekend we would like to reward our own online community and with this in mind we are happy to say all entrants to our Jubilee Competition will be sent a prize! Well done to you all! We really enjoyed reading your entries and could (a little bit worringly maybe) identify with all of your suggestions! (Does everyone imagine what buttons they might be - or is it just us?!?) Anyhow if "sorbetsurprise", "flyingblind....", "Gill" and "Claire" want to drop me an email at wth their contact details, we will get their well deserved parcels in the post!

1 comment:

Flying Blind... said...

OOhhh I have only just checked back - thank you - will email you now xxx

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