Thursday 16 October 2008

Flower Power Button Ring - courtesy of Spoilt Rotten Beads

This great project was sent to us by Spoilt Rotten Beads

Wire wrapped rings are really inexpensive, simple and easy to make, they make lovely gifts and the possibilities are endless, once you've perfected this project try experimenting with Swarovski Crystals and semi-precious stones...


0.6mm Silver Plated Wire

Flower buttons

Additional Tools Required: Wooden Ring Mandrel, Pencil, Side Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers,Crimping Pliers


1. To begin with you will need to draw a pencil line around your wooden ring mandrel to mark the size that you’d like your ring to be. The easiest way to do this is to take a ring that fits you and put this on the ring mandrel, draw a line around the mandrel underneath the ring.
2. Cut off approx 80cm of 0.6mm silver plated wire and place it around the ring mandrel just below the line you have drawn. It’s important to place the wire just below the line as you need to make the ring slightly large as when you wrap it will become smaller.
3. Wrap it around the ring mandrel 4-5 times being careful not to cross the wires over or it will not sit flat on your finger.
4. Bring both ends of the wire together and put a twist in the wire up against the ring to stop the wires from moving

5. Thread your button onto both strands of wire – thread one end through one hole and the other through the other hole, if your button has four holes use the two diagonal holes.

6. Push the button right down hard up against the ring and bend both ends of the wire over, push down on the button with your thumb and twist the wire into a spiral using your fingers

7. Slip the ring off the mandrel
8. Take one end of the wire over to one side of the ring and down onto the ring band, wrap this end of wire tightly around the ring band about three times, snip off any excess wire and crimp it against the side of the ring band using your crimping pliers, (don’t worry if your ring band gets a little distorted at this stage as you’ll be able to smarten it up again later)
9. Take the other end of the wire across to the other side of the ring and down onto the ring band – repeat step 8
10. Place the ring back onto the ring mandrel to reshape it – if it is a little small at this stage you can take a rubber or leather backed hammer and hammer it down on the ring mandrel to increase the size of the ring.

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