Thursday 31 May 2012

Competition Time!

Oh, and while we're looking forward to this long weekend there is just time for us to continue the bank holiday frivolities by setting you guys a competition on honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

We at Button Company are marking the occasion with an exclusive “Diamonds Are Forever” theme bag mix.
Made exclusively for Button Club Members and competition winners only this really is a once in a lifetime button selection.

All sparkly and shiny, with a Union Flag button thrown in for good measure, this is a very special mix - fit for a Queen shall we say! 

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning a bag of this regal mix is visit our website have a look at our mixed button bags, then get in touch and tell us if you were a button theme bag which colour would you be and why?

Open to both Eternal Maker and Button Company customers you can enter via facebook, via the blog and/or via twitter (one entry per method per person please - so you could have three attempts if you like)

For example our button dyer Fiona choose Spring Festival "because I love Spring, it's cheerful and it reflects my multi-faceted personality"

Anna meanwhile thinks she would like to be "Alchemy" because she "would like, at least for just one day, to turn everything I touch into gold!"

So get your thinking caps on and quickly because we will be announcing the winners on Wednesday!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Queen's Brilliant Button Banner!

I always imagined that the Queen would have good taste - and guess what? It has now been proven as fact - the Queen is a button lover extraordinaire just like little old me and all you guys out there! I just have to show you these images.......
On a recent trip to London – I was stopped in my tracks outside a posh florists by this amazing work of art. 

 It is BIG - taller than me and the image is made up entirely of pearly buttons!

Now, after plucking up enough courage to open the (very posh and amazingly clean) door ......(and act as though I wander into  top-end florists,  all the time and order bunches and bunches of floral wonderments, with no thought to the cost)......I went in..... To cut a long story short I babbled on about loving buttons and working with buttons and the propertier told me very kindly, without even raising his head from the immaculate display of peonies he was creating, that I may take picture.  He also kindly imformed me that I could purchase the said work of art for £14,000 – I think at this point my cover may have been blown by my light spluttering hastily disguised as a sneeze (all the pollen of course). 
Anyway it turns out to be a panel created by Ann Carrington who is also creating a button encrusted banner for the back of the boat that will carry The Queen in her Thames flotilla. I’ve attached some pictures for you to look in wonder at what half a million buttons actually looks like sewn on a panel so large that it has to be lifted by forklift.

So on Sunday, while you're sipping your Pimms and munching on Coronation Chicken sarnies - pop the telly on and see if you can spy The Queen's "Brilliant Button Banner"! 

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