Monday 14 April 2008

Mini mini mini mini....

So, the fabulous mini buttons came in today. I knew what they were going to look like as we made and I dyed the original lot we had, but because our packaging costs so much we sent the next lot out to get made. In the meantime we sold out of them and I forgot just how much I like them. Especially the mini inheritance colours, they are SO lovely. I am so pleased we managed to get such good colours on them, and they work really well as embellishments for some of our bigger buttons, and look fab on cards & quilts.... I tossed it up whether to make a card or a quilt as a sample... unsurprisingly the card option won. So here are a few designs I made earlier.

Just a little flower punch, sew back & forth on the machine (normal machine, normal foot, normal thread -although if I'd have thought about it I would have definitely tried the Hemingworth to see how it went) in a contrasting colour - how cool does this acid green & hot pink look on the dark purple card (Raisin, Bazzill Basics)
Cupcakes: well, they're in at the moment, aren't they?

I stuck on the icing of the cupcake first with doublesided tape, then freehand (can you tell?!) machine stitched the rest of the cupcake and it's case. And voila, the cherry on top is perfect chosen from Mini Baby Boom, either round or square. I prefer the ones on cream, it's more crisp, shabby chic almost.

Little trees:
Not sure what type of card this makes, but I wanted to see how the tree card in the last post looked in miniature.


This seems to be popular with everyone I showed it to, but let me tell you, tidying the knots on the back was a big job...

oh yes, and this little cute.. but pretty tricky.

That was all I could come up with on Saturday, although I have had a couple of ideas since then. I want to make a tree branch with a nest and bird eggs, although I have a feeling that that idea will be one that never sees the light of day!

Anyone else got any good ideas? I would love to see them.

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