Tuesday 5 August 2008


okay, so it's been a while - I've been busy!!
Actually, the truth of the matter is, I haven't been busy at all. I had my op at the beginning of July, and although afterwards I felt fine in body, my mind just seemed to go bleuughhh. And I had all this time off where I had to rest up and I thought to myself, goodo, I can get on with some of those jobs that I actually WANT to do that lugging around boxes and ordering paper and filing just get in the way of. Ah, I was young and foolish. I got out one project, started it, then my mind went bleuughh. I got out another project, started it, then my mind yet again went bleuughhh. Are you starting to see a pattern?
So where I thought I would be keeping busy with all these lovely projects and then I could show you them and say ooohh look at me aren't I clever I have nothing to show for my endeavours. Although I do have a lot of ideas which I may be able to get around to when I am back in the swing of things. (By which I mean, filing, lugginh around boxes etc...)
The plus side of things is that I have had time to think about the new range I need to get ready for next season. I think it's time to step up a gear, I don't know about you but I am FED UP with the same old same old. Buttons, you know, don't need to all look the same. Also brilliantly, my new dye shop was built while I was off, and oh she's a beaut. 5 little dye pots all in a row. Before I was dealing with mainly one but sometimes two. 5!!!! Hurrah.
So that's all I have to say for now, I am going to go and try and finish some of those projects, I am thinking up some patterns I am going to try and put as free downloads on here and the website... I'll let you know when I get around to it.

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