Monday 11 July 2011

The Monday Project - Button Cake Flags

Here at the buttoncompany, we like to name our cakes. That's because if you don't name it, chances are you won't get to eat it either, someone else will have gotten to it before you. We like our cakes. So here are some heart button flags to ensure that you can have your cake and eat it every single time.
You will need:
Wooden Coffee Stirrers
Plain cardstock
Heart buttons, bigger than 1cm
Glue (we used Gutermann HT2, a brilliant textile glue)
Alphabet stamps and ink or (pretty handwriting and pen!)

Here's How To:
Cut your coffee stirrers in half - each half will make one flag.
Cut your plain cardstock into strips about 1cm wide by 6cm long, and then from one end cut out a triangle shape.
Stamp your names onto the card flags, towards the right hand side. I always like to start from the last letter and work backwards, to make sure my spacing is okay. This is easy if you have a palindromic name like mine (anna) but requires more thinking if you are called something long with lots of letters, like, hmmm.. Madeleine?
Anastasia? Be prepared for a do-over if necessary.
Next, with your scissors, round the left hand edge of the flag. Leave a little bit of space between the edge and the name, but feel free to trim a little shorter than the original 6cm. This rounded edge will help hide the card under the button.
Next, with your glue, glue the cut end of the stick (you don't want splinters in your cake) to your back button, then the flag to the stick, and then your front button onto the flag.

Make multiples, all with your own name, and stick them in all the cakes you can find. Or, use them in birthday parties or hen do's or any occasion where you want to eat cake. Yum.
a x

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